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The Places I’ve Lived Post-Grad

I had no game plan, no job, no permanent mailing address, no meal plan, no “first-year in the real world” advisor and no chance to claim a “grade forgiveness” if I messed up a semester of life.

The Most Absurd Thing You'll Read Today

Deputies arrived on the scene and tried to detain Bruni, who started flailing around on the ground and speaking but not making sense. Deputies said Bruni sucked up the water that had spilled from the vacuum and spit it out.

How Florida Are You?

Have you ever seen an alligator crawl out of a canal by your friend’s house and almost eat someone? Legit every day of my childhood.

Where Am I From?

Consider me the human version of a potted orchid. An old, stern woman on an airplane once told me orchids are the most difficult flower to grow.


We were all going to die, here, together, I thought. All of us at once. Something about that made me feel both relieved and sad.