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Finding Your Voice

I Finally Found My Voice Again

I think that’s the reason I may have decided on teaching. Not because I want to stand in front of a classroom and have kids listen to me because they don’t have a choice; I want to make sure each and every one of those kids knows without a doubt that their voice is important.

5 Reasons I Refuse To Be A Victim

Rape culture is something that needs to be talked about, but seems to get pushed under the rug until some big media story comes out. Sometimes, knowing you are not alone is really all it takes to start feeling better. All I want is to help – even if it’s just one survivor, because THAT is what we are. And I refuse to be a victim.

To The Girl Who Grew Up With A Father Who Didn’t Believe In Her

I see you looking in the mirror and all you can see are the flaws he pointed out about your hair or your skin or your eyebrows. I see you struggling to see them as features rather than flaws. I see you trying to remember the last time he made you feel beautiful and I see you trying so hard to accept yourself.

Please Be Strong Enough To Leave

Life is too fragile to settle for a partner who is abusive, for a connection that is one-sided, for being with someone who sucks the energy and happiness from you on a daily basis. You are a person of value. You deserve care. You deserve respect.