Finding Your Place

When Your ‘Home’ Is In More Than One Place

Displacement.That’s what I call it: the feeling of not really knowing where you fit. When you’re tied to a place you’ve always known but suddenly feel more comfortable somewhere new. When you’re connected to more than one location, considering both of them where you belong

The Places You’ll Meet Yourself In Life

Being alone in the unknown is never comfortable, and discomfort does things to us that ease and routine cannot. It pushes our buttons, forces us to confront ugly things we’d rather ignore, and teaches us about beauty and truth.

On Finding Balance

balance, girl on rocks, finding peace, slowing down, slow down

I’m still trying to figure out a way to soften my edges without losing my sharp. Still trying to slow the hell down without losing my ferocity.

6 Tips To Finding Love On The Road

Having a positive outlook will affect people in the best way and that’s great especially when you are really looking for somebody who will fill that hole in your heart. Think positive and positive results will surely follow.

It’s Okay To Fail

It’s okay to fail in love. It’s okay to do something that embarrasses you, to double text, to ask someone out and have them reject you.

Someday Love Will Find You, I Promise

One day, love will find you. And it will be everything you didn’t know you needed, and everything you’ve desired for so long. It will be all that you waited for, prayed over, wished upon late at night. Love will be worth it, and show you that you’re worth it.