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Late-Night Phone Calls

“I’m not that tired. Besides, I’m talking to you.”

“So I’m your shot of caffeine?” she teased. She froze when she realized how flirty that sounded. In fact, the whole conversation had a playful undertone. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

The Irony Of Loneliness

alone lonely introvert

I am an introvert. I know this about myself. I enjoy being alone. Moreover — as is true of most introverts, I think — I romanticize the idea of being alone. But being alone for any real length of time is romantic only in theory.

The First Time I Met Him, I Hated Him

Elias came off like he liked his girls well-dressed, wild, and raven-haired. A week ago, I’d chopped my un-wavy, un-beachy, brown hair down to a pixie cut and transformed into the anti-hookup, asexual, queen of New Jersey. If LA didn’t like it, screw ’em.

Sometimes You Have To Sacrifice Everything For Love

His lips collided with hers, silencing the name of the man who threatened to come between them. One hand cupped the back of her head while the other held onto the side of her face. He kissed her like he hated her, hard and fierce. Like at any moment she might disappear before his eyes.