Falling In Love

The Art Of Falling

girl falling

Tears rolling down my nose, unable to breathe type of laughter. I’m fine. A little bruised, but she was right. I fell—it didn’t kill me. It’s easy to stand back up and start again, knowing a bout of laughter is the worst I have to look forward to.

The Beauty Of Falling Back

The beauty of falling back is that you save yourself from falling down. You save yourself from being ambushed by a fall you didn’t prepare for or didn’t see coming.

Every Memory I’ve Ever Had Of Falling In Love

graffiti of a woman holding a heart balloon on the Berlin wall

I picked him up for a party in my old beat up Buick; he smiled mischievously when he climbed in. “Just us tonight?” he asked. I still remember that rough feeling in my stomach as I nodded, as if something bigger than butterflies were ricocheting back and forth deep inside me. It made me feel like maybe I could fly, too.