8 Underestimated Traits That Make All Introverts The Best Entrepreneurs

when I announced I was leaving my job to begin life as an entrepreneur, you can imagine more than a few people were surprised and questioned the plan. After all, most people think you have to be overly social – an extrovert’s extrovert – to successfully start a company. A few years and a few successful companies later and I don’t hear that surprise or doubt anymore.

10 Sites Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

One of the biggest concerns for any small business owner is finance, and finding ways to do business in the least expensive way possible. One thing that no business owner should never skimp on is computer technology, and it is important to have a good network, network security, data and voice cabling, etc.

Who Is In Your Scene?

More art is created. More innovation with more integrity with more opportunities. You literally can eat less if you are around people who are giving you energy and bringing you to a higher level.

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