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I'm Taking A Sad Day

I won’t slam my office door; I want to but the last thing I need is you all gossiping about me in the company kitchen. I’m more than aware of what we collectively think about door slammers. I don’t need that strike against me, not today.

The Last Time You Ever

You can set an alarm, mark it on a calendar, tattoo it on your skin and still the last time doesn’t need your permission. What you count on is that you have the power to end things, to label people ‘never again,’ to say farewell forever and mean it.

I Miss My Childhood Treehouse

Inside the tree-house, we were outside the reach of parents and siblings, school and schedules. Inside, we created worlds of make-believe: grocery stores and restaurants, witches’ covens and fairy empires.

Couples Counseling

A vacation period as defined by therapists and couples counselors is a time frame that generally occurs at the onset of a romance. It is thought that its actual length is dependent on the two individuals involved — one couple’s may last a week while another’s lasts for a year…

You Have Such Beautiful Hands

It is as though they are less a person and more an amalgam of everything they have done, everything they mean to you. And when you look at them, across a table or while they’re still asleep, there is so very much there to see.