Drunk People

A List Of People I Only Talk To When I’m Drunk

Two friends talk over a multitude of alcoholic beverages and red bull

There’s this guy who broke my heart. We don’t talk anymore, but sometimes I send him messages when I get home at 4 a.m. and the room feels like it’s spinning and I am so, so sad for reasons I can’t comprehend. He never texts me back and I convince myself he changed his number.

How Two People Fall Apart

girl in beach

Tears drip softly down your face and it stings when it hits your chest. ‘Bye’, you say, knowing fully well he can hear your soft cries. ‘Bye’, he says, with his own tears soaking through the other line. Click.

The Things We Leave Behind

Three people jumping off a dock into the water

It’s funny — every time I’d go, I only really thought about my own future, on the things that laid ahead. On the new experiences, the new people, the new environments. It never occurred to me that elsewhere, someone else was trying to fill the gaps I used to fit into so effortlessly.