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Drug Abuse

A Message For Anyone Who Has Been Touched By Addiction

addicts never feel quite right in their own bodies. They struggle with feeling like two people. They feel feelings very deeply. They care a lot about what others think of them. They’re codependent. The drugs are a SYMPTOM of the disease of addiction, and for a while, help become a temporary escape from the disease. The drugs are NEVER the cause. It doesn’t work like that.

Junkies Die Alone

Junkies Die Alone

Junkies Die Alone is a collection of transgressive narrative poetry that explores, in naked, unflinching detail, the day to day struggles of life as a drug addict.

10 Things I Learned From Dealing Drugs

For the most part, tweak dealers are like the President of the Hair Club For Men: not just the President, but also a client. It’s not a group of people who follow the adage “don’t get high on your own supply.”