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Stop Using My Religion To Discriminate Against Me

The same pharisees and charlatans who couldn’t stand Jesus’ message of love and compassion are the ones today trying to convince us that we should focus more on hating people for their sexual orientation than loving people for being children of God.

In Defense Of The ‘Poorly Educated’ Voter

Although “uneducated” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “total idiot,” the underlying assumption you are cognitively hardwired to make is that “uneducated” means “unlearned,” “unknowledgeable,” “unskilled,” and to a certain extent, “uncultured.”

What Adults With Learning Differences Wish You Knew

I have an auditory processing disorder that makes it hard to retain information right away. I have a reading comprehension disorder where I can read something perfectly but not understand a damn thing I just read. I also have Attention Deficit Disorder, and I’m slightly hearing impaired. So school was always a bit of a challenge.

This Is Not America

Decades after the civil rights movement, we are still making excuses for police brutality stemming from racism, and claiming that because we love Beyoncé and watch Empire, racism in the mainstream no longer exists

America’s Secret Discrimination

“Open discrimination still exists in this country, maybe not on the basis of ethnicity, gender, or, to a certain extent, sexual orientation, but instead discrimination on the basis of a lack in belief in God.”