Sometimes The Holidays Hurt

See, for some people, the holidays remind them — of the people who left, of the choices they made over the last year, of the mistakes they walked into. For some people, the holidays remind them that they will have to live another year without their father, without their mother.

Hello December, Please Be Kind

Hello December, please don’t let the year end without love, don’t let me the ring in the new year alone. Don’t let me wonder about what’s next because I’m so lost in the present moment. Please be filled with moments I can’t forget, end the year on a beautiful note, end it with a happy song.

Why I Love December

I like that at the end of December, we get to start over. Even if we still have the same jobs, the same relationships, the same address, the same problems, we get a chance to wipe the 2015 blackboard and pick up a fresh piece of chalk.