This Is How You Date A Pisces

Woman sits on a doc, staring out at the water

She asks you about your job, your friends, your family, your hobbies. She meets the punchline of your jokes with her own witty retorts you can’t help but smile at. Before you know it, hours have passed and she tells you it’s time for her to leave. You wish she didn’t have to.

The Kind Of Date You Need To Wait For


Don’t settle for the ordinary date. Don’t settle for dates that send you home crying. Settle for the extraordinary. For the dates that make you blush in happiness. For the dates that send you smiling from ear to ear. Settle for the dates that make you dream impossible things. That make you believe in love again

How To Date The Girl With Standards

When you date a girl who knows how precious she is, please do not stomp on her heart. She trusts you. She hears your words and believes them. She feels your kisses, and believes in the power of your lips. She feels herself falling and trusts that you won’t drop her. Please don’t drop her.