That Was Kind Of Dark!

Frankly, there is nothing more embarrassing to me than spending time trying to verbalize something crazy you’ve concocted in your head, only for someone to immediately be like, “um, hm, okay. That was kind of dark! How about you just try being neurotypical?”

The Dark Side Of Paradise

It’s paradise except for those women who are too afraid
to hold the men accountable
because this isn’t the USA
and the cops will ask you
what were you wearing?

The Dark Side Of Moving Abroad

This time, you are not superficially passing by people’s life anymore. You make the conscious call on which bridges to build or which bridges to burn; decide that you are not obliged to burn out your own fire to light up someone else’s fire.

Stop Acting Like Rape Anxiety Isn’t A Real Thing

I have a tendency to spend time with guys who just don’t seem to get it. Who don’t understand why I grab my closest girl friend when I need to use the bathroom at the club. Who don’t understand why I call them late at night when I’m walking through dark streets alone.