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6 Amazing Songs That Are DEFINITELY About Orgasms

The scariest part about having sex with somebody brand new is when you have to hear their “O” sound for the first time or, even worse, are directly confronted with an ugly “O” face. How will they sound when they orgasm? Is it a light moan? Is shaking involved? Do the toes curl and the legs vibrate?

10 Best Over-Played Songs

Because if you didn’t fall madly in love with your middle school/high school/college crush to this song or buy a black studded belt and immediately proclaim yourself as “emo” upon first listen, then you are either a dirty, filthy liar, a sociopath with no regard to human emotion, or too young/old for this song to be relevant. That’s it, hands down, no exceptions.

Cyndi Lauper Performs Spontaneously in Buenos Aires Airport

The first part of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” appears in this video clip. At any moment ten smiles fill the screen. People sing along, or just shout, while others tell them to “Shhh!” The beaming woman in yellow even adds her own percussion by slapping an airport counter.