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When It Hits You Like A Truck

Where do you run to when you realise the thing or the person you have been dedicating so much time to, who has become integral to your life is actually the worst thing that you have been doing to yourself? The answer is nowhere. Right now, you have to face the facts and the facts are hard and cold and horribly unforgiving.

A Visit To North Korea, Part 1

Our trip to North Korea was conceived much like all decent impromptu jaunts, off the back of a cheap flight promotion. In truth, a detour had always been on the cards, the aim of the game on this occasion was a visit to one of the world most reclusive nations, North Korea.

Strange Days

I have no recollection of the people I was with or how we met, but I remember that as we entered the room no one bothered to turn on the lights. We felt all the intoxicating rage and beauty of being young at that moment in time. We felt strange.