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How It Feels To Fuck The ‘Cool Girl’

She was so mysterious and beautiful in a manner that played at his emotions and desires so severely that she had to know. The aura of unbridled sexuality she emitted was far beyond any other girlʼs. He lusted after her, wanting to know who she really was beneath her guarded persona. She was so cool.

I Will Never Understand ‘Casual Dating’

How does one even casually date another? Like, what are the rules? Are there any? Or do you just emptily fuck them and take them to dinner, ask them questions about things you don’t really care about and then at some point in the future decide they’re boring and move on?

Let’s Quit Trying To Be The ‘Cool Girl’

I’m tired of feeling like I have to explain myself if I’m caught with Marie Claire in my hands, like it’s such a big fucking deal. Should I start carrying some Hemingway as a backup, to prove that I’m not nearly as stupid as you think I am?