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How To Be An Ivy League Student

Look around campus and realize the breadth of notable alumnus: a slew of former U.S. Presidents, ambassadors, authors, artists, and CEOs. Jump at the thought that some of said luminaries may have lived in your room, down the hall, or sat in your chair in your classroom.

Soccer Player Kicks An Owl When It’s Down During Match

The Colombian soccer player, a defender for Deportivo Pereira, kicked an injured owl when it landed on the pitch during a match against Atletico Junior of Barranquilla. The owl, it turns out, is Atletico Junior’s mascot, and was hurt when it flew onto the field and was struck by a ball.

The Truth About Pursuing An MFA In Creative Writing

While that sounds discouraging, I really feel responsible for underscoring what a mess the U.S. education system is right now, from top to bottom. Academic creative writing is, unfortunately, even more easy prey for all manner of administrative malice, because few creative writing program directors have learned (been disciplined) to effectively communicate their worth.