Why I Take Ice Cold Showers

“I turned the faucet as cold and as strong as it could go. The water gurbled up the pipes, sounding like the heartbeat in my ears, and I was then met with an ice-cold blast of water to the face.”

We Need To Talk About Cold Women

People can have a hard time seeing that introversion and its particular set of behaviors is often conflated with coldness. This is a label especially reserved for a particular taxonomy of women. You don’t hear folks talking about cold men. They’ll call them the “silent type”, “stoic”, “mysterious.”

Perhaps All I Needed Was An Answer

Maybe all I needed was a text to let me know that even though it didn’t last, it was special. All I needed was something from you to let me know that it was real. That we were both on the same page. That for a moment, we were one.