How To Be A Good Listener

The secrets that will make you much better at listening to a degree that your relationships are significantly more successful, peaceful, gratifying, intimate, and trusting, have to do with what you say.

On The Nose

I am now trying to think of examples in my life where I was too on the nose. Once, I insulted a fat girl by calling her “fat.” In a similar vein, I once insulted a white trash guy by calling him “white trash.”

Becoming Inhuman

But if you look at movies and TV, we certainly privilege one network over others: the network we call civilization. That is, other people. I, for one, used to be quite taken with the human condition — with character studies and portraits, with human history, with how people operate.

100 Seconds of World History According to Wikipedia Entries

Gareth Lloyd and Tom Martin thought it would be a fun idea to geo-tag every Wikipedia entry in existence and make a visually pleasing video of the result. Sorta makes it look like nothing of any consequence happened outside of Europe until the 1700s, which makes enough sense if you operate under the assumption that everyone that’s written or edited a Wikipedia entry is most likely rich/ educated/ Western/ industrialized.