Love Is My Christianity

Love is my Christianity. Reaching out and hugging people, despite our differences, is my Christianity. Opening myself to new perspectives and beliefs and accepting them, even if they don’t coincide with my personal values, is my Christianity. Caring about other people and their hearts is my Christianity. Celebration is my Christianity.

The 24 Funniest Things I Learned While Living As A Monk In France

The brothers were required to shave, but there is one who had a thick, scraggly beard. I never found out why. One day he trimmed it he was much younger than I previously thought, and rather handsome too. So either he is a former billionaire orphan who left everything to train with the monks up in the mountains, or he is a former assassin making penance for a life of vicious crime.

Don’t Underestimate Christian Girls

She’s been taught to love with the love of Christ. She has a heart for people and believes there is still some good left in humanity. She may get hurt more often than not, and may be seen as a source of ridicule – but it does not make her any less whole.