5 Unlikely Fashion Icons

When she discovers she has HIV, she embarks on a frantic search around New York City to break the news to her one and only sexual partner. There’s something so simple about her look in this film. It’s youthful and a little sad, just like her character.

On Being Alone

You live in your head. You watch people more carefully than you should. A trip to Starbucks isn’t just a quick exchange of goods. Instead, you see everyone. The baristas weird banter; the homeless man sleeping on the table next to the window; the emo girl on her incase protected laptop. These people have interesting lives. You don’t.

The Six Most Egregiously Overrated Celebrities

1. Chloe Sevigny – First things first, hats off to anyone willing to give Vincent Gallo a beej in an already terrible movie. That girl is a trooper of the highest order, and deserves that respect. That being said, I’ve always been perplexed at the amount of undying respect and love she seems to get from the “artsy” crowd for being, at best, a mediocre actress.