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The 5 Best Christmas Music Videos Of The 1980s

he best thing about the Hall and Oates Jingle Bell Rock video is: Everything. It’s the way they bop almost-but-not-quite in time with the music. It’s the cheesy special effects. It’s the rockin’ granny. It’s so very tongue-and-cheek, as if Daryll and John created it not for their contemporaries, but for the future.

12 Awesome And Delicious Foods We Loved To Eat When We Were Kids

The flood of memories that come shooting back when you eat food you loved as a kid is a giant, neuron-splattering head rush. You get transported back to the kitchen you grew up in and can practically see the avocado-green stove, three-hundred pound microwave, and plastic alphabet magnets covering the fridge. So come on, let’s all go back together now.

5 Most Non-Fancy NYC Foods You Must Eat In NYC

Any “best of” list can tell you what restaurants you need to indulge in while you’re in New York, but I’ve got some tips for the truly gluttonous: the ones who want to eat the part of New York that doesn’t come with a side of locally sourced kale.