4 Types of Erotica That Are Surprisingly Good

Billionaires, alpha males, and even vampires and werewolves have all become part of a common repertoire in the erotica universe. But, believe it or not, it gets weirder. And you’d be surprised to find that many of the mysterious storylines and objects of affection that you’ve yet to discover make for very steamy reading.

How 9/11 Turned From Tragedy To Kitsch

The great residual effect of 9/11, if you aren’t old enough to vote or buy cigarettes at the moment? “Murica.” Yes, that’s what 9/11 means to today’s kids. Not terror. Not tragedy. Not the loss of safety. It means “that weird point in time before social media where everybody liked Chuck Norris.”

On Micro-Cheating

How many times a week do you text an ex-hookup with something cute? Do your emails to that one sexy coworker occasionally walk the line between friendly and flirty?