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Brazil: Nonstop Carnival? One Big Favela? Country of the Future? Gunter Axt Explains It All For You.

At the same time, there were some who despised carnival as a manifestation of poor, black, and idle people. Initially only tolerated by the elites, it ended up being partly regulated by the government, partly constantly reinvented by the people, and partly appropriated by different economic forces to become the largest celebration of the Brazilian identity, not to mention the greatest showbiz spectacle on earth.

Camille Paglia is Sick of Lady Gaga

The critic and sexual theorist Camille Paglia has declared her disdain for pop sensation Lady Gaga. In London’s Sunday Times, Paglia – an avowed fan of Madonna – declares Gaga “the first major star of the digital age.” The phrase implies disconnection and falsehood: the critic’s own preference for what she might term analog pop is clear.