Broken Heart

This Is The Kind Of Person Who Survives A Broken Heart

The kind of person who survives a broken heart isn’t doing it gracefully, and elegantly, and beautifully. They are living right in the middle of its ugliness, right in the middle of the loneliness and the crippling sadness and the real, physical nausea that can come from losing love.

Never Think You Are Broken

Let me tell you something before you begin to read this: you are not broken. You are a thing made of the toughest kind of platinum there ever is, there ever was and there ever will be. And let me tell you why. Because you are still here.

Apologies To My Broken Heart

One of these days, you will heal. All the scars will finally fade. Happiness will come to you. You will no longer feel like a second choice. You will no longer wonder if you will ever be good enough. Because you will be with the right person. You need to be patience, but first you need to heal.