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5 Things I Think About Every Sunday Night

1. There’s a weird grey area in friendship/acquaintanceship that is neither “nice person you barely know but see sometimes on Facebook” and “real friend you will make actual time to see/call/chat with.” They’re the people who you’ll never actually forget…

When Is Jezebel Going To Stop Being Offended?

I would actually argue that it’s slactivism on an enormous scale because good mental feeling of moral and intellectual superiority from reading article after article confirming your existing worldview prevents people from feeling motivated to do any actual action that Jezebel might actually endorse.

The Last Wishes Of A Dying Author

What you’ll do then, have your conquests read your beautiful fiction about making smoothies or your blog posts about 7 Things That Make You Realize You Are Not Quite An Adult But Almost And How You Are Falling Out Of Love With Her Because You Are Just Twenty After All. Have them read these crucial words in front of a camera