Best places for expats

How To Live Like An Expat

I’ve lived in two expat communities; each for a year – one in Seoul, one in Saudi Arabia – and it leaves you wondering why everyone isn’t like this.

Being A Fat Girl In Thailand

Unlike in Western cultures, weight here isn’t one of those hush-hush things. It’s an in-your-face thing. Comments people make here that would make me cry if someone Western was saying it simply roll off my back. Or, they try to roll off my back.

15 Favorite Places In The World

OK, imagine Las Vegas, except it’s on a small island in the Mediterranean. Then replace the cheesy casinos with crazy beach parties, make the clubs the best and biggest in the world, and then fill it with drunk English kids and beautiful Spanish people.

The Best Time My Heart Broke In Shanghai

Whatever the case may be in the Chinese production of black-market DVDs, my companion friendship-harpooned my fantasies that night and forever: instead of inhabiting glamor, I was the same old me, with my hopes of a night spent canoodling and dissecting a thought-provoking foreign film burning a hole in my bag.