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Being Alone

The Real Secret To Overcoming Loneliness

We must be willing to go out with zits on our faces. We must be willing to attend a party when our dresses don’t fit. We must be willing to admit we don’t know something, and that we don’t have it all figured out. We must be willing to say we are lonely and let someone in.

The Truth About Why He Won’t Love You Back

You have so much love in your heart that you want to give and share, so much love that makes your soul ache and your stomach fill with butterflies. You have so much to offer, but you decided to love someone who wasn’t ready to receive your love and give it back.

16 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Less Lonely (That Have Nothing To Do With Other People)

Be present in everything you do. Pay attention to the food you eat and how good it tastes, to the wine you drink and how pleasant the flavors are, to the movie you’re watching without simultaneously scrolling through your phone and missing all the important parts, to the walk you’re on and how beautiful your surroundings are. Put in the effort, one day at a time, to open your eyes to the life you’ve created for yourself. Because as they always say, if you blink, you really might miss it.