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The 14 Best Songs About Not Getting Laid

Singing about your room as a refuge from the world — a place where you are free to cry and share secrets — is an emphatically effective way of revealing yourself to be a nerdy virgin; let’s just say that the bedroom in question didn’t sound like it had a lot of guests.

10 Songs That Scream Total Request Live

I would race home from school to watch Carson Daly count down the top 10 music videos of the day. Even though the Top 10 didn’t change much… ever, it was apparently very exciting to watch BSB fight with *NSYNC (and occasionally Britney) for the number one spot every day. Here are 10 songs that will forever make me think “TRL!” when I hear them.

If Rappers Were NBA Players

The question is, what if Lil’ Wayne were reincarnated as a basketball player? Who would he be? Answer, in case you’re wondering, is Marquis Daniels. Here are some other projections. Feel free to chime in with suggestions.

We Are All Beastie Boys

In a SoHo gallery, with every other piece some tribute to Andy Warhol or the Kennedys, one photograph caught me: a shot by Lynn Goldsmith of the Beastie Boys, decked out in Beastie Boy garb—brass knuckles, gold swag necklaces, leather jacket and ripped, dirty jeans—in front of Stromboli Pizza…