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Stretch Your Last $21 To Your Next Payday

But let’s be real — it’s not that you’re poor. You just massively overspend, every month. It’s the American way! You can make $200k or $20k and still float from check to check. But it’s not until you’re in the red that you realize how expensive your habits are.

Why Birthdays Are So Depressing

Am I seriously having a Sixteen Candles moment? Thank God I don’t care about my birthday because I would be really bummed right now if I did. I’m so happy that I’m immune to societal pressures and don’t care about my age or my future or anything for that mater! So very glad.

How to Live in New York City

Go home for the holidays and run into old friends from high school. When you tell them that you live in New York, watch their eyes widen. They’ll say, “Oh my god, New York? That’s so crazy. I’m so jealous!” Have a blasé attitude about it but deep down inside, know they have good reason to be jealous.

How to Survive The Holidays

Throw a holiday party with your friends. Wear a Santa hat, drink spiked cider and make out with someone under the mistletoe. And then in the bathroom. And then in your bed. Make a bad joke about Santa coming early this year. Get it?