I Hope My Mother Doesn’t Read This

I Hope My Mother Doesn’t Read This

In his debut collection of humorous essays, comedic artist and musician, Greg Scarnici delivers a set of eye-opening stories that revolve around growing up gay in NYC in the 1990s and working in the entertainment industry.

My Mother Taught Me How Not To Be A Mother

I don’t know where you were or what you were doing. To be honest, I didn’t really care. But that taught me that one is not always best fit to take care of one’s own child. Sometimes someone else can take care of them better than you can.

How To Not Hate Your Father

One time my friend made a stick person out of a rotten tomato from my parents’ garden. For touching his things, my dad took a bunch of tomatoes and smashed them on my bedroom door, floor and rubbed them into my rug.

My Parents Don’t Love Me

Dad took me by the arm and shoved me onto the floor. He started kicking me. He kicked, and kicked, and kicked. Each time I would try to get up he would push me back onto the ground. He kept repeating, “You know I can kick you, you’re not so old that you can’t be disciplined. I can kick you, I can kick you”.