Of Family And Love

And then it struck me. Rather than be indifferent, I could love. Not with a love that places me at the focal point of the world as it did when I loved my 16 year old Joy in high school. But with another kind of love: a love that doesn’t demand anything of the beloved but just lets it be.

How To Run Away From Everything

When you visit for vacations, start an unsustainable relationship. Dive into it with blind intensity. Push for things to happen, fast fast fast, snap your fingers. You don’t have time for taking it slow.

How To Tell If Somebody Has A Crush On You

Someone really likes you if they sleep with your best friend. Don’t you know it just means they’re trying to get closer to you? I would suggest going up to them and being like, “I know what you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can be together! You don’t have to sleep with them to get to me. I’m right here, baby!”

The Different Ways You Avoid People

Post internship, if you run into your old boss, it probably won’t be any different. You may have regularly picked up their lunch and ran too many of their personal errands, but chances are after they wrote you that recommendation they aren’t expected to remember what you look like, let alone say “hi.”