Fall In Love With An Artist

Fall in love with an artist because artists don’t know how to love softly or half-heartedly. They love like there’s no tomorrow. They give their all. They don’t hold back.

This Is Why The Life Of An Art Student Is So Bizarrely Lovely

You love class because it’s an outlet to being the douchey artist you sometimes want to be. You enjoy the pretentious discussion you have because, like all artists, you have a little pretentious asshole inside of you that can only be set free around other secretly pretentious assholes like yourself.

A Modern Artist Answers The Question – ‘Is It All Worth It?’

10,000 hours for what? Only to be drowned by excessive conversation time and time again? Only to feel less relevant than the twice-told joke three tables down? Only to be constantly dealt with as an outsider in “the band?” Only to be found indispensable at the highest branches of power? Only to find the art failing to connect with people?