How To Have A Good Sense Of Style

Having a good sense of style means having common sense and a healthy sense of self-awareness about your own body. Those might seem like easy basic qualities to possess but, guess what, they’re not! That’s why we have millions of people buying jeans that are a size too small and resigning themselves to wearing jeggings.

John Galliano Fired from Christian Dior, But Does It Even Matter?

Couture-gate comes on the heels of a video released just yesterday of a group of people taunting the designer at a Paris café,  slaming the couturier with more allegations of anti-Semitism. In the clip, a calm Galliano is obviously wasted, slurring his way through insults such as “Your bag is ugly” and “I love Hitler.”

What Your Favorite Magazine Says About You (Part II)

As you get you older, you’ll transition to reading grownup Vogue, bag yourself a hedge-funder named Barry and watch the days just languidly pass by. Sometimes, you’ll stir your finger into your cocktail without noticing because you’ll be completely in a daze. You’ll whisper to yourself, “I guess it’s….time….to get ready for the Multiple Sclerosis Disco Dance-Off Charity Ball.”

When I Was The Editor Of A Magazine

I was the Editor In Chief for two issues before we folded, but I SWEAR it wasn’t my fault. Or was it? I don’t know, but the founder kept her promise and was not mad at me. Staff morale was low because they missed they old editor and I didn’t do coke afterhours. The recession hit and someone said “PRINT IS DEAD!” and everyone suddenly believed it.