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It’s Time For America To Wake Up


So many are afraid of speaking about the controversial issues we face today, such race, religion, politics, sexuality, and civil rights. We’d rather be silent in our own comfort rather than make noise to inspire communal peace.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Anymore

people uniting

In today’s society, ignorance is a disease. It is infecting everyone around us and instead of tackling the situation head on, we surrender to what isn’t ethical or kind. Whether it be ignorance directed toward mental illness, religion, race or sexuality – our default setting is to sit comfortably in our fear, treating others as if they’re wrong because they’re different.

I Will Never Live In America Again

I may never live in America again, but I am cool with that — I have by my side the two people in the world who have given me the gift of “being me”. What’s more, had I not left, I would not have had the privilege of seeing America from both sides of the coin. And you know what? It’s made me love it even more.