College Glamorized My Alcohol Abuse (But It’s Not Cute Anymore)

Friends all cheers with beer in hand at a bar

I used to have three group messages dedicated to friends I partied with; we’d message each other daily to make plans. I used to take my homework to the bars and work on it between drinks and conversation. I used to have a peppermint candle by my bed that I loved, but I had to throw it away because every time I smelled it I thought of lying awake with the spins and I’d start to gag.

A Message From Those Of Us Who Love To Drink


I drink. Hell, I love drinking. If that’s not your thing, there is no harm done. Rule number one, though? Don’t make bad comments about alcohol, my drinking habits, or anything else that has the potential to kill my vibe. Just don’t do it.

My Addiction Does Not Define Me

The past three years of my life were mostly made up of blurry images, of not remembering exactly what happened, of waking up every day trying to recall the events of the night before.