How To Lose An Adventurous Girl

adventurous girl

You are going to lose an adventurous girl if you have trouble living in the moment. If you fail to appreciate the beauty surrounding you. If you are always complaining about something.

Great Day Or Great Life?

Left for breakfast — ate a breakfast bagel in the sunshine, smelled a pink rose, drank a coffee that is right. Pet a dog for 30 minutes with my one hand, legs draped over the wrong side of a chair. Pet another dog. Lost my keys, found my keys. Hoped across train tracks barefoot. Sat and talked with people who were kind.

A Visit To North Korea, Part 2

Our original unease subsidised as it became apparent the immigration process was more a theatrical exercise than a genuine attempt interrogate, find contra and subversive material. That’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of fanfare; pointing, shouting, clothing and underwear strewn about.