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30 Somethings

30 Somethings

Why You Need To Be Thankful For Your Big Sister


Sitting on the couch watching Lifetime movies while attempting to keep Gatorade down is just a little more tolerable when she’s there to watch you suffer. Bonus: if she lets you use the blanket you’ve fought over forever, you owe her a candy bar.

Two Ships In The Night

water boat

Pieces of us are left there and there,
places we shared when we meant nothing to one another.
We were like two ships in the night, passing through and biding time,
waiting until we were both ready to stand still at a crossing.

How Two People Fall Apart

girl in beach

Tears drip softly down your face and it stings when it hits your chest. ‘Bye’, you say, knowing fully well he can hear your soft cries. ‘Bye’, he says, with his own tears soaking through the other line. Click.

The Beauty Of Falling Back

The beauty of falling back is that you save yourself from falling down. You save yourself from being ambushed by a fall you didn’t prepare for or didn’t see coming.