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Another Year, Another Chapter, Another Goodbye

Because at the end of the day this is just one chapter in my book. It’s only a few pages from a thousand of pages. It’s a continuation of a previous chapter or an introduction to a new one. It’s just one chapter and I’m ready to finish it.

Let 2018 Be The Year You Become Your Own Hero

girl looking at water

You don’t have time to pity yourself. You don’t have time to hate that boy who left you a long time ago. You don’t have time to regret the past or look down at your rearview mirror. You don’t have enough room in your heart to hold onto everything that broke you. So let it all go. Let 2017 go and all the years before.

In 2018, Learn How To Be Alone

girl on a boat

Let 2018 be the year where you grow truly comfortable with yourself. Let 2018 be the year you can enter a room full of strangers and still feel whole. Let 2018 be the year where you no longer search for love, because you’ve grown to find it inside of yourself.