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20 Somethings

Some Funny Things About Growing Up

Someone holding up a clock in a hallway

It gets me that at one point, you were the only person I wanted to tell anything. Now we don’t talk at all. How can someone mean the world to you one minute and then nothing at all the next?

23 Magical Things I Learned At 23

girl in the city

You shouldn’t have to fight for friends. If you find that the people you are surrounded with are only reaching out to you when they need something or have found themselves in a tough situation, they are not your friends. Cut them off.

8 Of My Favorite Hidden Drugstore Gems That Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

Sally Hansen Leg Makeup: This may seem like a step you would want to skip, but believe me — this baby is a game changer. For spring and summer dates, this ‘tan in a bottle’ type product will make your legs look like you just got back from vacation in Cancun. This makeup will also hide any bruises or shaving cuts on your legs, so you won’t have any reason to hide them.