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An Ode To High School

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You can’t help but smile at the memories you made in those four years. Four years that felt more like 10 years. Crazy how four years now feels like four months.

Why We Fight So Hard For The Wrong People

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What if a sense of compatibility, and ease, and kindness, and passion can misguide your judgment into assuming this love would be lasting. What if sometimes that’s why we fight so hard for the relationships we secretly know are already too broken.

Are You Making Too Much Time For Your Relationship?

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A man will lose interest in a woman who’s waiting around. Some would say it’s about that game of pursuit that men seem to like so much. However, I think it’s more fundamental than that. Waiting around is boring and it makes for a boring woman. A woman that puts her life on hold for a man stops being as attractive because her light dims. It doesn’t matter if she’s dating him for a few weeks or if she’s been married for a decade.