35 Thoughts Every Girl From The South Has When They Move ‘Up North’

Only true GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) understand the struggles of entering Yankee territory.

1. Is smiling acceptable here? Because I feel like smiling is definitely not a thing.
2. No wonder no one is happy, there isn’t a drop of sweet tea for miles.
3. Or a Bojangles…
4. What exactly is tofu BBQ?

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5. It is now very clear why Nicholas Sparks didn’t want anything to do with this place.
6. Not that I like Nicholas Sparks, or anything.
7. Just saying.
8. So this patch of rocky sand is supposed to be a beach?
9. Is this even the same sky? I feel like I haven’t seen the moon for days. . .
10. The subway literally feels like Satan’s lair.

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11. I mean I had to walk down a stairwell to get in here…
12. All of these people must be his minions…
13. Breathing their hot, onion stench breath on me.
14. But, there are taxis for a reason…
15. So a taxi it is!
16. I’ll be so cool, like Carrie from SATC.

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17. Getting a taxi should be easier than this, right?

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18. It totally looked easier on TV.
19. I’m going to die crossing the street.
20. It will be like I am Regina George…


21. Except I’m kind of nice. . .
22. And instead of a back brace I’ll probably end up flattened on the sidewalk.
23. People will probably use my body like a welcome mat…
24. Is it really safe to be wearing my flip-flops out here?
25. I mean, because disease. #amirite

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26. I think I am having Chic-fil-a withdrawals.
27. No, I am definitely having Chic-fil-a withdrawals.

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28. Why is everything so expensive?
29. Is everyone here, like a millionaire?

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30. And, is it just me, or is everyone struggling to breathe?
31. The air is sooo dry.
32. Like, I feel like I am suffocating or having a super low-key asthma attack.
33. Why do people keep asking me what part of the south I am from before I even tell them my name?
34. Is it my accent? Do I actually have an accent?
35. I never thought I’d miss home this much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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