This Is How A Formerly Abused Woman Loves

She will accept you

She knows everybody has a past and that we all have things we’re not proud of. She understands that where you’ve been impacts who you are but that it doesn’t have to determine who you become. She accepts all the things that make you you and she’ll never make you feel ashamed of the mistakes you’ve made or who you used to be. She loves you for who you are now and she’s grateful for the experiences that have made you the person you are today. She embraces your imperfections and she sees beauty in your broken places. Her love seeps in through the cracks and makes you forget you were ever fractured at all.

She will appreciate you

She has learned the hard way how precious time is and because you can’t get back what’s been lost, she lives in the moment and she delights in the ordinary. She finds pure joy in being silly with you and she realizes that these are the moments that turn into the best memories. She thanks 
God for every minute she’s given and she doesn’t take it for granted because she knows it could be taken in the blink of an eye or in the beat of a heart.

She will nurture you

Her words will lift you up, not tear you down. She has been screamed at, cussed up one side and down the other and has been called names you’ve never even heard of. She knows better than anybody how damaging – or how healing – words can be. She wants to encourage you; to make you feel as special as she thinks you are. Her words will reflect her belief in you.

She will support you

She’s resilient and makes for a dern good team. She’s the kind of woman you want by your side when life gets hard. There’s something inside her that refuses to be defeated. She’s got that feminine grace that makes her soft and sweet but she’s also developed an inner strength like nothing you’ve ever known. It’s what makes her get back up every time she gets knocked down, it’s why she’ll accomplish whatever she puts her mind to and it’s how you know that together – there’s nothing the two of you can’t handle.

She will motivate you

She has an unwavering faith that will inspire you to be a better man. She has seen firsthand the incredible ways in which God works. He has kept her safe when she didn’t stand a chance, He has delivered her from her darkest hour and He has rescued her from the hands that nearly squeezed the life out of her. He has restored the joy she was robbed of and has reignited the fire in her that was sadly extinguished. She won’t just pray FOR you, she’ll pray WITH you and a faith as solid as hers will surely activate blessings in your life. She’ll always remind you to never lose sight of what matters most. And that light within her will shine brightly for you when you get lost in the dark. No matter how far you wander, it will guide you back to where you belong every single time.

She will stand by you

She is fiercely loyal. She doesn’t give her heart away quickly or easily – she knows it’s her responsibility to guard it and to be selective of the hands she puts it in. A woman’s heart is precious and when she’s convinced you’ll treat it as such, she’ll give you one of God’s greatest gifts. And when she does, it’s for keeps. Once you have her heart, there’s nothing this woman won’t do for you.

She will take care of you

Because she knows what it’s like to live completely terrified, she has an appreciation for safety that’s on a whole different level than most people. She suffered silently in fear for so long and the fact that you make her feel safe, makes you her hero. You’re the one who came along and gave her that security that had become such a foreign concept to her. YOU are the answer to her prayers. YOU are what they were talking about when they told her she deserved better. And because nothing in the world can compare to feeling safe, she will spend every single day for the rest of her life making sure you know she is your soft place to fall. Just as you are for her, she will be your shelter and your safe harbor today, tomorrow and always.

She will honor you

She has worked hard to get back to a healthy place and she won’t let anybody jeopardize that. She doesn’t NEED you, she WANTS you and she can and she will live without you if you fail to deliver what she deserves. She knows her worth and she doesn’t give discounts. If you can’t match what she brings to the table, she will happily eat alone. She’ll lose her boyfriend before she’ll lose her dignity. And a woman who respects herself to that degree will always respect you and your relationship. So be patient with her as she learns to fly again. It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it. And then some. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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