The Truth Is You Probably Don’t Know What Love Is Yet

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You’ve had your fair share of relationships and mutual understandings that didn’t last. You used to call it love until you realized it was far from what you thought it was. 

Talking about love and experiencing it first-hand are two different things. You can talk about it all you want but true love? You will never have enough words for that.

You have never let anyone in completely because you’re too guarded, too independent, and too reserved. Nobody has had the chance to reach you fully because you haven’t let them. They only knew several chapters of your life – the ones you’re comfortable sharing – but not the entire story.

The romantic love you came to know is too shallow. You still don’t understand what it means when they say that even death can’t separate two hearts. You still don’t get what the songs are about when they talk about dropping everything just to be with someone. And you honestly don’t know why people say that when you find your forever person, even words can’t explain the complex mix of joy and pain.

Because to love someone is to be hopeful. It is when you see every little thing, both good and bad, and you accept that there’s no such thing as a perfect love. It is when you believe that despite all the negative things, what is good will always remain. 

To love someone is to be vulnerable. It is having the courage to tear down all the walls you have built and fix the bridges you have burned. It is opening yourself up to let someone in while knowing that he can leave but you have faith that he will stay.

And most importantly, to love someone is to be brave. It is when you understand that there’s no assurance every day but you still face what’s waiting because you’re not alone and you never have to be again. It is when you know that not all battles are worth fighting but the one you’ve chosen is worth everything.

You use words to express what you feel and maybe when you do finally find love, that’s when you will struggle. Because if what they say is true, then you’ll know that you’ve finally found it when for the very first time, you wouldn’t know what to say.

You’ll just know how it feels. TC mark

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