To The Girl Who Is Afraid To Love Again

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Starting over is way easier said than done.

Sometimes, you wake up in the middle of the night, pondering and questioning someone’s love. Sometimes, it strikes you when you’re laughing at his jokes and banters in the middle of daylight. Sometimes, it happens when you look at his face, amazed and overwhelmed and scared as hell.

You want to stay but at the same time, you want to run away because you remember how every relationship started and ended. You remember the good times and how they quickly crumbled down just as when you were convinced that they were the one. It was all a game of trial and error and mistakes and bad decisions.

What you went through was tough and no matter what you do, you can never undo all the mistakes you did in the past. Your spirit has been broken more than once and your heart has been shattered so many times you already lost count.

But you’re still here – stronger and wiser than ever.

You have the biggest heart and even though you’re terrified of exposing yourself to the world again, you still believe in the good and still hope that someone out there deserves the love you’ve been waiting all your life to give.

Breaking down the walls you’ve built will expose you to the pain but it’s also the same way you let love in. Finding the one you’re meant to be with will never be a smooth ride. There will be times when you’ll get tired of the chase and wish it didn’t have to be so hard. But all things and people that are worth it will never be easy to have. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and faith before we deserve the good things and the good people in this life.

Good guys do exist and just like you, they are also scared of trying and getting hurt again. They also went through and got through bad relationships. They also questioned their worth and wondered if they deserve a relationship that’s real and worth all the scratches and burns.

It may seem next to impossible right now but you will eventually find someone who will work twice as hard as you to make the relationship last.

You will find someone that will invest and give time just as willingly as you do. You will find someone who will never get tired of saying and proving that he’s also afraid that he will fight for you and with you until the end.

If you already have him, don’t let go.

But until that day comes, don’t be afraid and allow yourself to take a chance.

The best things in life and love are out there. You just have to believe and have faith that despite all the heartaches, what’s meant for you will always find its way no matter how many times you run away. TC mark

I write to remember and to forget.

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