Please Don’t Give Up –– You Are So Needed And Loved

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I know you’re in the dark, desperately searching for light.

You don’t exactly know how, when, and why you got here but you woke up one day and found yourself in hell.

You feel everything and also nothing all at the same time. You can still hear your heart beating but we both know hearing is different from feeling.

Oh how you wish you can go back to the times before you got broken; before you realized not all battles are worth fighting.

You wish it was easy to save yourself from all the monsters inside your head. When you tuck yourself to sleep, I know you wish it was easy to chase your demons away without getting lost on your way.

I don’t know how much effort you exert to hold yourself together. I don’t know the struggles you go through every time you close your eyes. I don’t know how much courage it takes you to wake up and face another day with a smile.

I will never know all the struggles you conceal with your laughter because the last thing you’ll do is drag me into the hell you know.

You are a vast ocean, deep and mysterious, and I know I can never reach the depth of your thoughts, the intensity of your pains, and the meaning of your truths.

I can feel and hear your gasps as you grasp for air, for strength, and for faith. I know my words are not enough to shed light on your deepest and darkest dungeons. I can reach out with all my might but it’s still not enough to bring you completely into the light.

Despite your distance, I still find myself hoping I can catch some of your pain.

I still whisper my prayers every night, hoping that the God we both believe in will finally keep you from hurting. But we both know this battle doesn’t end overnight. You will keep on hurting, but I also believe that you will keep on fighting.

I admire you for being brave, for having the courage to continue even when you don’t want to anymore. I know it’s not easy to fight your demons while praying you wouldn’t turn into one. I admire your resilience and your strength to go on even when on some days, it doesn’t seem like a good option.

Thank you for choosing to wake up even though you have become accustomed to the dark. Thank you for continuing even though you find yourself wishing this will all come to end.

Whenever you think that it’s not worth it, whenever you feel like you don’t deserve it, and whenever you think nobody will understand, I want you to remember the stars in the night sky.

I want you to know that they shine because they are surrounded by the vast darkness and that’s exactly what you are. A burning ember made up of a thousand dreams and a thousand faiths. You are someone who will shine the brightest in the darkest time of your life.

And on days when the world may tell you otherwise, please don’t ever let the darkness make you forget who you truly are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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