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Apartment Alchemy

I beat myself up when my apartment is a mess and my depression gets in the way of cleaning it

Sometimes I’ll look around and get overwhelmed not knowing where to start

Books are piled high along the bedside

Paint bottles scattered across my desk

Half finished projects all over my floor

Crumpled up written thoughts thrown

But I get a sense of who I am when I look into my mess and all the things that even led to it






So, I pick myself up and I pick up my apartment

Place each book back in its assigned spot on the shelf

Wonder what other information I could learn

Put the bottles of paint back in their rows on the stand

Be inspired by what I could create with them

Take my half finished work and organize them on my desk

Get excited for the moments they’ll be completed

Grab the crumpled up notebook paper off my bedroom floor

Be willing to give my written thoughts another shot

Go to my kitchen to wash my sink stacked full of dishes; but at least I know I’m eating

Sweep the cat hair off the wooden floors; I’m happy I have a furry best friend around

Pick up all the laundry that I’ve been ignoring; I’ll put my favorite songs on while I fold them

Vacuum the dirt off the carpet and rugs; vacuum my mind from negativity at the same time

Take out the trash bags by the doorway; also gets me to have a small walk outside

Make my bed and clear off my nightstand; hopefully now I’ll be able to sleep better

When my depression comes to town and stays at my house its mess can be overwhelming; I’ll do apartment alchemy—

Picking myself up and picking up my apartment

Composed words with a beating heart

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