Cuckold Stories

Cuckold Stories: Real Accounts From Guys With A Submissive Side

If you’re the kind of man who gets turned on by the idea of his wife or girlfriend getting naughty with someone else, you’ve come to the right place. These real cuckhold stories will tickle your inner submissive just right.

What is a cuckold?

Opinions tend to vary on exactly what a cuckold is, but if you trust Urban Dictionary, a cuckold is a man who’s aroused by the thought and / or sight of his girlfriend or wife engaging in sexual activity with another man. So it’s not just a guy who’s cheated on, but rather a guy who enjoys the idea of his significant other hooking up with other men.

For some cuckolds, simply watching their partner flirt with another man will suffice. But others require taking things much farther to get turned on, so their wives (with their permission) will proactively seek out other men to fondle, kiss, cuddle, or fuck.

Psychologically, it’s fulfilling for a cuckold to be marginalized in this way. Though not purely submissive, a cuckold has a submissive sexual side, you could say.

5 Real Cuckold Stories That Will Satisfy Your Submissive Side

1. They say opposites attract. That could not be truer of my wife and I. Dana and I met in college during my senior year and her junior year. I was a computer graphics major she was a fine arts major. I have always been interested in computers; she has been a dancer since age six.

Dana at one time had aspirations to dance ballet professionally. When she was in her teens she developed to the point that her ballet teacher told her she would not have a future in ballet without breast reduction surgery. Dana did not have an ounce of body fat so dieting to have a flatter profile was out of the question. Dana had the kind of body that most women would kill for: a flat stomach, small waist, beautiful shoulders, beautiful ass, legs so long they seemed to end at her armpits all connected to a heartbreakingly beautiful face and breasts that, although prominent, were not too big for her frame. It would have been stupid to have the surgery in order to pursue a career in ballet so she started studying other forms of dance.

I am a two-footed clod on a dance floor. When we first started dating Dana was very disappointed to find out that I could not dance. At first I thought it would be a real problem for us until the afternoon that she tried to teach me the tango. After we both fell in a tangled sweaty jumble, she laughed and said, ‘Ok, Ok, I give up. You do have two left feet but I think I want to keep you anyhow’. That afternoon we made love for the first time, or I should say for her first time. I could not believe that someone so beautiful was still a virgin their junior year of college. When I told her that, she smiled at me, kissed the tip of my nose and told me that she had never liked anyone enough. At that moment I knew this was the girl I wanted to marry and share the rest of my life with.

Our sex life was great with one exception. No oral sex. My first sexual experience had been with a young divorcee I had met my sophomore year. She was beautiful, knew what she wanted and was demanding about wanting oral sex. She also had a very bad yeast infection. It was a horrible situation that left me with a complete phobia in regard to oral sex. I guess the phobia was not complete. I was interested in receiving oral sex I just was not interested in giving oral sex. I never told any of this to Dana but never ‘went down on her’ or would let her ‘go down on me’. A few times she commented that my penis did not seemed to be opposed to the idea and that she would like to give it a try, but I always pulled her back up to me and told her that the whole idea was repugnant to me. I knew that Dana would not understand if she gave me oral sex and I did not reciprocate.

We planned to be married after I graduated in June. When Dana asked me how I felt about big weddings I told her it didn’t matter to me. That we would have whatever kind of wedding she wanted. That was when she told me she wanted a simple wedding in her back yard with only close family and a honeymoon in Paris! I told her that she could have the simple wedding, but that we could not afford a honeymoon in Paris. Her answer was, ‘Yes we can’ and she held out a check from her folks for $10,000. Dana explained to me that her father told her the money was hers, she could either spend it all on a big wedding or all on a honeymoon or anyway she wanted.

Paris was wonderful. Our third day there Dana saw an advertisement for a club called The Dance of Life. The ad mentioned afternoon tango and after Dana begged for two days and pouted for a morning I decided to take her there.

We arrived at the door to the club at the same time as a very attractive and well-dressed businesswoman. When she spoke to us in French we answered her that we only spoke English. She answered in English, ‘Welcome to our little partouze and don’t worry, I saw you looking at the prices for entry, but it is free for couples and single women until five. I was supposed to meet my husband here at 12:30 but I am what you call a no that is not right, you are American n’est pas, you call it advocate…no lawyer, and my case went too long. They know us here so I am sure they let my husband in for free…’ all in one breathe as she rang the bell.

When the door opened she turned to us and said, ‘Enjoy enjoy’ and dashed into the club and out of sight. The matron looked us over, smiled and asked us in. Dana and I walked into what we thought was the strangest dance club possible. The club had a huge dance floor with a wall to ceiling mirror on one-side booths along the other sides and a bar with a poorly lit area behind it that appeared to be empty.

We took a seat in one of the booths and after a few minutes realized that there was no waitress. When I went up to the bar to get our drinks I noticed two incredibly beautiful French women in their mid to late twenties one blond, one raven haired, and three men the other side of the bar. They smiled at me and said, ‘Hello Anglais, enjoy our partouze’. When I went back to the booth I asked Dana if she had any idea at all what a partouze was. She shrugged and said, ‘Lets dance’. I tried to beg off, but Dana insisted, so I stumbled around the floor while Dana attempted to dance around my clumsiness.

When I went back to the bar for more pastis the blond came out from the other side of the oval shaped bar and limped over to me in a walking cast. She smiled at me and asked me if I spoke French. When I told her no she apologized for her English and asked me, ‘Can you make a favor for me? You see I have the leg broken and cannot dance and my husband would like to dance with your wife the tango, he is the tango instructor, but has now no one to dance with.’

I laughed and said, ‘I think you and your husband would be doing both me and my wife the favor, after all you saw me dance a few minutes ago.’

After we both laughed she called over her husband and introduced herself (Madeline) and her husband Christophe. We then walked over to the booth and I introduced them to Dana. In a few minutes Dana and Christophe were dancing and Madeline asked if she and her girlfriend Danielle could keep me company. Madeline slid into the booth beside me and Danielle sat across from me.

Madeline and I watched our spouses dance for a few minutes and then I asked her how she had broken her leg. She told me that she did it at Val d’Isere and then said, with a laugh, ‘No winter Olympics for me’. It turned out that Madeline was a competitive skier and a long and interesting discussion ensued regarding competitive skiing in Europe and the rest of the world.

After a lull in the conversation Madeline said, ‘Your wife is a very beautiful woman and a magnificent dancer I think my husband is very happy.’

I asked her, ‘Are you not jealous that you cannot dance with your husband?’

Madeline laughed and told me that she was not as good as dancer as my wife and that she was not jealous but happy that her husband and my wife had the opportunity to enjoy each other. I answered that I was also happy that my wife had someone so accomplished at the tango to dance with.

Madeline then said, ‘Of course your not jealous, jealous men do not come to a partouze.’ When I asked her what a partouze was both women laughed and Madeline put her hand under the table and rubbed my penis through my pants. I grabbed her wrist and told her that Dana and I were on our honeymoon and I was not interested in playing around on her. Madeline then gave me a sideways look and said, ‘Perhaps you prefer my friend Danielle, if that is the case I understand, she is much more beautiful than me but she speaks no English’, she then said something in French to Danielle and the next thing I knew Danielle was running her bare foot up my shin under the table. I moved my leg and told Madeline that I was not interested in either of them. That Dana was the only reason I came to the club.

It was quiet for a moment and then a conversation took place between Danielle and Madeline. Madeline then turned to me and said, ‘I think I understand that you have no interest or perhaps are unable to have an interest, and we both admire your generosity to your young and beautiful wife, but may we ask, why did you marry?’

Now I was very confused and not sure of how well Madeline did understand English or what she was trying to say. I answered, ‘It is no more generous of me to allow my wife to dance with your husband then it is for you to allow your husband to dance with my wife.’

Madeline answered, ‘Yes, yes, the dancing it is fine, but without the other my husband would not allow me to come so often to the partouze’

‘Just what the hell is a partouze?’ I asked.

‘A partouze’, said Madeline, ‘is a club for couples to come to’.

‘How is that different from any other club?’ I asked.

At that point Madeline said, ‘My English is not so good, but come with me and I will show you’

I was happy to get out of the booth. I noticed as we got up that Dana and Christophe were doing a very sexy tango totally in rhythm with one another. I did feel a twinge of jealousy as I noticed a fine film of perspiration on her brow, but when she stopped dancing and walked over to me as we were standing beside the dance floor the twinge went away. I said to her, ‘Go on dancing if you want, Madeline is going to give me a tour of the club and show me what a partouze is.’

Madeline hesitated for a moment and then said, ‘Ok, you know where to find me.’

Madeline and Danielle then led me to the other side of the bar. That side of the bar and its dance floor was not as well lighted as the side of the bar with the booths. The far side of that dance floor had several rooms, some with doors and some without doors. Madeline explained to me that if a couple wanted to be alone they could go into a room and that their privacy would be respected if they closed the door and if they left the door open then they were saying that they wanted others to join them. The blue room without the door was used if a couple wanted to be joined by other men. The pink room without the door was for couples that wanted to be joined by other women. By now my eyes were adjusting to the low level of light and Madeline and Danielle were leading me to a room just down a hall where I could hear a murmuring of voices. In the center of the room was the blond businesswoman sitting nude on an ottoman and alternating her attentions between three men standing in front of her. The man in the middle was nude and the men to his left and right both had their pants down around their ankles. The woman was fellating all three men. She would take each penis into her mouth for four or five strokes and then turn to another penis. I noticed that no matter which cock she had in her mouth that she was always looking into the eyes of the man in the middle.

I knew now, beyond a doubt, that we were in a sex club and that I needed to get Dana and get out of there as fast as I could. Yet I stood transfixed watching a beautiful blond woman fellate three men. I did not realize how turned on I was by the whole scene until Danielle said something to Madeline and they both looked down at the tremendous bulge in my pants.

Madeline looked at me and said, ‘Avez vous desire?’

‘What?’ I answered.

Madeline reached down and rubbed the bulge in my pants and said, ‘You desire her, n’est pas?’

I said nothing, but continued to watch as the man on the left began to ejaculate into the blond’s mouth. When he pulled out of her mouth there was a popping sound from the suction of her mouth. At that point Madeline and Danielle each took an arm and led me to the place where he was standing. As I looked down at what the blond was doing to the remaining two men at a much closer range I could see that she was in total ecstasy. She briefly acknowledged my presence with a glance as Madeline and Danielle undid my belt and pants dropping them and my underwear down around my ankles.

Before I was totally cognizant of what was happening, or what I was trance like allowing to happen to me, her mouth closed around me and I forgot about my wife in the other room or my recent wedding vows. All I could think about was the feel of that soft wet mouth and tongue. The gentle scrape of those beautiful white teeth on my erection followed by that tongue had me more turned on than I had ever been in my life and I quickly came into that beautiful voracious mouth. As I ejaculated into her mouth she looked up at me with a surprised look and then smiled at the nude man beside me. In the background I could hear Madeline and Danielle giggling. After I pulled my pants up, Madeline took my arm and said to me, ‘You like our partouze, n’est pas?’

I said to Madeline that we had met the blond outside at the door to the club. That she told us that she was meeting her husband. Madeline answered, ‘Yes, that was her husband in the middle, they are regulars here, Monsieur Bascomb understands his wife’s special needs and he meets her here at least once a week.’

‘She has very strange needs and Mr. Bascomb is a very strange man as well’, I said.

Madeline answered, ‘Madame Bascomb, Giselle, she likes to give and to receive oral sex, who are we to judge what is strange, you seemed to enjoy yourself with her and she enjoyed giving you the enjoyment, her husband loves her and wants her to be happy.’

‘Yes’ I answered, ‘but this whole scene is not for me and my wife.’

‘You mean it is not for your wife to enjoy herself as you have?’ ‘Are you not happy for your wife when you go to a fine restaurant and she orders well and enjoys a fine meal even if your meal is not so good?’

‘Yes, of course I am happy to see her enjoy a fine meal, but….’

‘And if you were not at the meal and she came home to tell you of the wonderful lunch she had, would you be jealous of her or happy for her?’

‘Of course I would be happy for her, I want her to be happy, to enjoy herself, I love her with all my heart’

‘Then let her enjoy my husband, I am happy for both of them, as you should be.’

Suddenly I came to my senses! All I could think about was Dana. Where was she? Did she have any idea about what had just happened? Did she have any idea what kind of a place this was? Was Christophe only interested in her as a dance partner? Of course not!

I started back to the dance floor with Madeline and Danielle on my heels. When I got back to the dance floor it was empty. I turned to Madeline and asked her, ‘Where is my wife?’

Without a word she led me to a room. I peered through the door and could only see the back of an overstuffed black leather easy chair and two legs dangling over the arms. As I walked to the front of the chair I saw Christophe kneeling in front of the chair kissing my wife’s vagina. I watched as he pulled back her lips and his tongue flicked over Dana’s clitoris. Dana shuttered and squirmed in the chair as he caressed her with his tongue and lips her hands clasped behind his head. She was murmuring, “Its so wonderful, it feels so good, I love it, oh god I love it’.

When I called her name Dana’s eyes opened and she looked up at me and smiled. When I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing she looked me in the eyes with a glazed look and said, ‘I am enjoying another mans mouth loving my pussy just like you enjoyed another woman’s mouth loving your cock!’ At that moment I knew that she had seen me with my pants around my ankles and my cock in another woman’s mouth.

I stood there speechless. What could I say to her? As I stood there watching, Madeline and Danielle both put their arms around me and Madeline said, ‘Let your wife enjoy herself and you enjoy yourself too with us.’ At that moment one of the men that was at the bar when we arrived walked up to my wife, undid his trousers and offered himself to her. Dana reached up grasped his penis between her thumb and forefinger and guided it into her mouth. I realized that I was incredibly turned on watching my wife perform oral sex on a strange man whose name she didn’t even know. Dana looked up at me and smiled as she took him deeper into her mouth. Danielle was now in front of me, my pants around my ankles again, her mouth closing over me while I watched another man cumming into my wife’s mouth. Madeline, who was now nude, pulled me down onto the flacati rug on the floor and both Danielle and Madeline giggled as they pulled off my last few pieces of clothing.

We spent another two hours at the club. I lost track of how many men enjoyed my wife. I remember seeing her on her back next to me while first Cristophe and then two others fucked her. She looked over at me and smiled as each man entered her and grabbed my hand as she came. I was either involved with Danielle or Madeline or both at the time so I was hardly in any position to object. But when the club began to fill up things began to get dangerously out of hand, or at least I thought so when two men took my wife simultaneously. One man lay down and had her strattle him while another entered her anal passage with the help of a lot of baby oil. I watched helplessly as Dana was impaled by those two and listened to her whimpers as they each ejaculated into her and she nearly fainted from her orgasm.

On the way back to the hotel we said nothing to one another. When we were finally back in the room Dana began to cry. She told me that Danielle had come back to her and Christophe, had said something to him in French and then he had led her back to the room to show her what I was doing with the blond woman. Prior to that he had been trying to seduce her and was not succeeding, but after she saw me she went with him to the other room. I apologized to her and she to me. We got into bed and I made love to my wife who was still wet from the others.

Oral sex is no longer a problem for us and hasn’t been for the last twenty-five years.”

2. “This is my first try at recounting some events from our past. This really happened years ago, before kids and middle age. I apologize in advance if it’s boring or too long. Comments welcome.

Not long after we married, I discovered that I really enjoyed letting men see my wife in revealing clothes or less. We married early, right out of college. We moved far enough away from our families to feel anonymous in our new city. My interest in allowing other men to see my wife naked started to become more arousing to me. I talked her into going to a nudist resort a couple hours away from home. We had never done anything like this, and we were both nervous as hell.

I remember walking out to the pool and seeing all the nudes, it was such a thrill. Watching Candy pull her bikini top down and off, for the first time in public, was a thrill I’ll never forget. My boner wouldn’t go soft, and I had to lay on my stomach for quite a while. She seemed not the least bit nervous as she pull her bottoms off and calmly lay back naked in the sun. It helped that she was very fit with no fat and nice breasts. I don’t know now if there was anything indicating it was a “lifestyle” resort, but I was pretty naïve back then.

No one approached us and we didn’t see any pdas or any touching. It was nevertheless a total thrill to see her completely nude around other men and woman; I knew it would not be the last time.

We didn’t fool around much for years after that. We moved south to a big city and started our life anew. Both our upbringings were conservative with a healthy dose of Christian strictness, so the move to a cosmopolitan city was a real eye-opening experience. We started fooling around with recreational chemicals, which did a good job of dulling inhibitions. She began to dress more suggestively at my urging. She went without a bra more and more often. Our new city was southern hot in the summer, so watching going out to the stores or parks with her breasts jiggling under t-shirt thin tank tops was always a thrill. All the more so when we were public and the men around us clearly admired her full breasts and hard nipples.

We became friends with a guy our age, who I worked with, and whom we both liked. He was handsome and worldly, and we all spent a lot of time together. We did discuss the idea of Cindy fucking him, especially when we were having sex. She would agree to just about anything when close to orgasm. So, one night when Carlo was over, we had gone upstairs to bed after hours of drinking and smoking. We left Carlo half asleep on the sofa downstairs. He would often spend the night on the sofa, that was actually a sectional with a long, sofa side and another, shorter side like a loveseat.

We stripped down and washed up. Cindy was horny and we started playing with each other. I slid into her as she lay on her back. I asked her if she was wet thinking about Carlo downstairs. We both knew that when I was pumping into her, especially face to face, all her inhibitions slipped away. I asked her if she would like to feel Carlo’s cock sliding in and out of her. When she didn’t answer, I told her I wanted her to fuck him and let him cum inside her.

From her squirming under me I knew she liked the idea, but we had never done anything like this before. She was uncertain, and I was wondering what kind of mistake this might be. We would be opening of a door that one or both of us might later regret. For several years we had contented ourselves with more or less innocent behaviors. Cindy had several really sheer blouses that, in the right light gave a clear view of her breasts. We had found a quiet beach on an empty shore where she would lay topless all day long, sipping gin and tonics and smoking weed. And sex on the beach, even with no one in sight, was about as daring as we had been.

But, on the other hand I was rock hard and pounding into her like some porno stud. I started asking her questions: ‘Will you make out with him, let him french kiss you?’ She smiled yes. ‘Will you suck his penis?’ Again that smile. And then I threw all better judgment to the wind and told her: ‘I want you to fuck Carlo tonite, right down there on the sofa. Will you?’ She looked me right straight in the face and asked if I was sure. I said I wanted her to suck his cock til he was hard and slippery. I told her I wanted her to push his fingers into her pussy and make him finger fuck her while sucking his cock. I told her to let him cum in her and then rub her sloppy pussy and clit all over his thigh.

We stopped moving together and I just lay there in her. She kissed me long and hard as she eased back and my let me slip out of her. She kissed me again and got off the bed and, still naked, headed towards the stairs. Our upstairs bedroom was more like a balcony than a bedroom. There was no door and the staircase was open too. It was easy to listen to them talking in low voices. By stepping down two or three stairs, I knew I could see around the edge into the living room without them seeing me without looking up at an awkward angle. Even with the drapes pulled, the security lighting outside was enough to let me see her slip onto the long sofa next to Carlo.

They spoke in low voices and I could not make out what they were saying. They sat looking at each other for a moment and then Cindy put her arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. Here I was watching my wife of nearly 10 years, who was a virgin when we met and who had never so much as touched another man’s penis (or so I thought at the time), completely naked, pressing her tits into Carlo’s furry chest while she kissed him with great passion.

She kind of pushed him back onto the sofa, pulled the sheet off him and grasped his penis and began stroking him as he began touching her pussy. She then turned and shifted her hips up and over his face, and pressed her pussy onto his mouth as took his cock between her lips.

Here I was crouched on the staircase, pumping my own penis steadily, as I watched my beautiful wife bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. Carlo was making slurping noises as he again and again pushed his tongue into her. After having fantasized for years about something like this happening, here it was actually occurring and I wasn’t sure what to think. But to be honest all my caution was gone and I wanted nothing more than to see my beloved wife open her legs wide and take a strange cock in as far as it could go.

They stayed in the 69 for a bit longer, and then Carlo reached up to her hips and eased her around so her pussy was right on top of his erection. The sofa faced the front windows and the sheer drapes let so much light in that I could clearly see Cindy crouched over him as they tongue kissed like teenagers. She was rubbing her soaking pussy back and forth over his hard cock making it slippery and wet looking from her juices. I could hear their murmuring to each other and giggling a little.

And then that magic moment when she reaches between she and Carlo and grasps his hard cock and guides it into herself. He slowly pumped back and forth a few times, I think to get them both wet, and then starting pounding into her with full strokes. Cindy brought her knees up and squatted down hard as he slammed his cock into her. She was arching up to give him deeper thrusts into her, and moaning steadily.

I ejaculated onto the stairs as I watched them, and kept stroking myself to another boner in record time for me. Carlo said something to Cindy and I watched her start pushing her hips down harder and harder onto him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth over and over as he began grunting and grinding into her. She pulled her mouth away from his and began panting and grunting loudly as she orgasmed. They both became still as she clenched her ass cheeks and he pumped his seed into her as deep as he could.

She was shaking a little, and the look of pure lust and pleasure on her face was like nothing I ever saw from her before. She then glanced up at me for the first time, and I realized that she knew I had been there the whole time. They lay there for a few minutes kissing and talking quietly. I think Cindy told him I was on the stairs and had watched them fucking, and then she lifted herself off him, and we all watched his cock slide our of her and flop onto his belly. Cindy slid down and gently (she knows how sensitive my cock is right after sex) took him into her mouth and slowly licked her juices and his sperm off his cock and then his stomach.

I started down the stairs toward them, my boner sticking straight out in front. As I stepped off the last step and walked toward them, Cindy got up off the couch and came up to me. She hugged me and we began to kiss. She smelled like sex and sweat. I could taste pussy and sperm in her mouth and was never so turned on. We moved to the love seat and I pushed her down onto her hands and knees. Carlo was lying on his side watching her as I knelt between her legs and slide my cock into her sloppy, cummy pussy.

Cindy and Carlo were face to face as I steadily fucked her, and they began kissing. Cindy loves to kiss and Carlo was hungrily pushing his tongue into her mouth and nibbling her neck and throat. It didn’t take long for me to reach my orgasm, and she had been moaning steadily around Carlo’s tongue. I pulled back from her and watched Carlo’s and my cum drool out of her pussy.

We talked and laughed for a while and then Cindy and I went up to bed. Carlo was an early riser and we just saw him for a minute before he left the next morning. He and Cindy kissed passionately before he left. I didn’t feel jealous watching them then or the night before. None of us ever discussed it again or repeated the night.

Though, that was not the last night I shared Cindy with another man.”

3. “This is all true, not a fantasy. Our experiences began two years ago. I had encouraged my then 28 year old, very attractive brunette wife to have sex with another man for almost a year. She finally agreed.

I had been searching Craigslist ads for the right guy for a few months before she went along with the idea. We live in a university town, and she said she would prefer a younger guy.

My wife is very attractive. She’s 5’8″ with a great figure, long brown hair and brown eyes. The personals ad in the M4MF section that appealed to her was a 19 year old, very good looking guy with an 8 inch penis. I’m only six, and the idea with that much of a difference excited her, although he is 1 inch shorter in height than my wife. We met him at a restaurant and my wife invited him to follow us home. She led him to our bedroom. I watched and slowly masturbated a few feet away as they kissed passionately and shed their clothing. He mounted her. I gasped as his long member entered the mouth of her pussy. My knees buckled and I fell onto our corner chair, intently following their wild love making.

She moaned, ‘I love your big cock!’ Perhaps too soon, he groaned in orgasm as his seed spurted into her love channel.

He continued visiting us each weekend and spending the night for about a month before telling her that he had told his best friend about us. His friend asked whether she would mind being with two guys at the same time. My wife asked what he looked like and, satisfied, said, ‘Sure. Why not?’ They swapped whispered comments I couldn’t then hear but would find out the following weekend what they discussed between them.

The next Friday night, both arrived in her boyfriend’s car. This time, his friend fucked my wife first while her boyfriend and I stood nude a few feet from the bed. He stared at me and commanded me to kneel. I hesitantly complied.

He gripped his long penis and guided it to my mouth, forcing it to open with his finger, and driving it in as he turned his head to watch his buddy pound my wife.

She turned to watch me and said, ‘Do him good, honey. Make him hard for me.’

My tongue lathered his dick as my head bobbed against his groin. I couldn’t get it all in. He was too large and long for that. I gagged, but he pumped into my face.

My wife stared at us as she was being fucked and cried out, ‘Oh gosh, I’m cumming!’ Her new friend increased his tempo and groaned, ‘Me too!’

Their mutual cries of orgasm filled the room. Her boyfriend looked down at me and said, ‘Your wife and I just knew you’d like this.’ My wife and the other guy lay alongside the other, each propped up on an arm to watch. They laughed at me. Her boyfriend pumped furiously and said, ‘I’m cummin’ too…’

He withdrew and followed his friend and my wife to the shower. I lay exhausted on the carpet when they returned to our bed. They took turns throughout the night.

The next morning the three of them agreed that each would return separately on alternate weekends, one on one with my wife. She eagerly agreed and said, ‘I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind.’

Now, two years later, my wife occasionally makes me suck either of them before they go to the bedroom. Sometimes, she tells me to sleep in the guest room for those nights and other times they let me watch.

I once asked whether she would quit if I wanted her too. She said, ‘Don’t even think about it! Just remember that this was all your idea at first. I can’t quit just because you change your mind. I want it. I need it!’

It didn’t turn out as I had thought it would for those reasons, but I eventually began to enjoy the sessions.

I often thank each of them for their service before they leave the following mornings. On the first occasion I did that, her boyfriend laughed at me for saying it but now accepts it graciously.

Her first boyfriend’s parents are encouraging him to transfer to a different college out of state next September. I’m not sure where all this will go if that happens. My wife suggested we can check ads for single guys in different on-line dating sites.

Unlike some who write here, she has decided she prefers the long-term arrangements, although she has met a couple of other guys for just one and two times during the past two years.”

4. “There was a point in my sexual life when the terms: Hot Wife, Cuckoldress, Slut Wife, or Adulteress would have cause me to cringe and blush. Not anymore. After 25 years of marriage and seven years in the Hot Wife/Cuckold Husband sexual lifestyle I think those terms are appropriate when applied to me. I’m comfortable with that.

Being quite happily married to a man who remains 100% faithful to me takes care of the ‘wife’ part of those terms. The fact that I fairly regularly fuck other men, as many as I would like, takes care of the ‘hot, slut’, and ‘adulteress’ ones, and the discrepancy between these two realities covers ‘cuckoldress’. So I’m good with the terms, and their implications. I honestly believe I deserve it, not because I’m better, or superior or somehow more worthy, but because this is the relationship my husband and I have decided to have. Since then I have discovered that I am multi-orgasmic—sometimes capable of having four or more orgasms in a session. I’ve also discovered that I am considerably more sexual than I thought I was, and that I am quite good at cock sucking. Pretty good things to learn in middle age, so I embrace it, we both do.

I very much enjoy the fact that I am intimate with many, many men and my husband is only intimate with me. I want the freedom to explore my sexuality with a variety of lovers with cocks of differing sizes and shapes and different lovemaking techniques, it just brings out things in me I’d have never imagined. I mean I’m lying in bed with my legs wide open eagerly, wantonly experiencing the wonderful and overwhelming pleasure of getting fucked. And the best part of it is that the cock that’s doing this to me, the cock that’s bringing out the slut in this 55-year-old married woman, is not my husband’s. That is so Hot!

Variety really does bring quite a bit of spice into my life and being married just brings in that taboo factor that takes it way over the edge. Added to this heady mix is that I also have the security of knowing that my husband’s mouth and cock is for me and only me. I suppose you can say that I am a firm believer in quasi-fidelity, meaning that as a ‘Hotwife’ I have the right to expect that my husband remains completely faithful to me while I have the right to fuck and suck as many men as I’d like.

And I do practice what I’m preaching: my husband has been with about 15 women in his life, all before we were married, while I have been with about 85 men, 70 of them in the last 7 years of my marriage! I guess you can say that, as a wife, I take ‘I do’ to a whole other level! This may not seem fair and may not work for many couples but it does for us. And I and my very experienced pussy love it

I also love that I unabashedly own my rather promiscuous sexuality–that I do it because it pleases me to be fucked by men other than my husband, that when I am fucking another man it is all and only about me and him having pleasure in the way a man and woman should: I love the fact that when I go out with other men I do it alone, without my husband’s presence, so that the sex I have is private and intimate, as sex should be. I love that on these nights my husband waits for me at home, eager to hear all the details about how well my lover fucked me, how many times we came, how much I enjoyed it.

I love that on these nights I will lie back on the bed and my loyal husband will loving eat my well-fucked pussy, a pussy that is very wet from the workout I just had and a pussy that is sometimes (with certain lovers) full of cum. I feel so pampered and so well taken care of when we do that. It’s hard to describe but think about it: I come home to my waiting husband after spending a few hours being another man’s woman, my pussy still buzzing in after pleasure and filled with cum. I then have the man I am married to, the man who is completely faithful to me, eat the cum of another man out of my just-fucked cunt…wow!

Lately, my husband and I have agreed that for the time being we will not have sexual intercourse, that the only cocks that will enter my pussy will be from my extra-marital lovers. My husband has the OK to eat my pussy and to finger me and to use a nice big dildo on me, often while I think about one of the men who DO fuck me so well. Before anyone gets the wrong idea I want to state that my husband is very much enjoying this arrangement. In fact it was his idea in the first place! He tells me that it makes him want me even more, which is quite an ego boost for this old married woman, and the fact that he is not allowed to put his dick in my pussy gets him even more aroused than before (which is great on those rare occasions when I break the rules and ask him to fuck me).

It’s also a great turn on for me. I really do enjoy the sense of control I feel by being able to tell my husband that he can use his mouth and a dildo on me but that for now, my pussy is reserved only for the cocks of my extra-marital lovers so that when I do fuck them I am hot and ready and very much wanting it. In fact, I think that because I do this the extra-marital sex is much more passionate and urgent. After all, it is the only cock I’m getting!

Tonight I’m doing it again. I’m meeting a man at a hotel that is literally (and for all you grammarians, I do know how to use the term properly) a stone’s throw from my home. Phillip contacted me on an adult website a few weeks back and we agreed to meet for drinks to see if we clicked. I was happy to see how handsome and sexy he is (he is a handsome black man about 15 years younger than I) as well as how good he was at chatting, which is also important in my book.

After a drink I knew he and I were going to end up in bed but we had chatted so long we decided to make a date for another night, tonight to be exact.

So tonight I will meet Philip in that afore-mentioned hotel room. We will kiss, and moan, and groan, and taste each other in the most intimate places. Then I will lie back and spread my legs, offering him my smoothly waxed pussy and he will slide his dick inside and fuck me, I have a hunch with great passion and for a good long time.

When I get home Hubby will be anxious to eat my just-fucked pussy, it may even be filled with Philip’s cum. But even if it isn’t it will be wet and aroused and my loving husband will get what he likes most: the taste of my married cunt after I’ve had another man’s dick deep inside of me. MMM…I can hardly wait.”

5. “All I could do was look dumbfounded , it wasn’t what I had expected to happen in my lifetime. SA took a week before telling me that she had actually took the plunge and did what I had been asking of her for several years.

I recall that it had taken me a few months to get enough nerve to as her to become a mistress to another guy or a ‘hot wife’ as it is called. When I did ask her , she was very upset. ‘You want to be with other women?’ I said ‘No’, it did take a few days to really explain that it wasn’t about me.

A brief explanation is a married woman that has sexual relations with other men, with the husbands approval. Of course, I expected her to be taken aback . As she grew up in the western part of the country, she came from a very conservative family.

Though divorced , her experience with sex was somewhat limited. But I sensed something could be brought out from within her. Never was it my intent be with another woman or make her feel wronged.

I was able to soothe things over and was able to relieve SA ‘s fears and distrust. It does seem unbelievable to think that a man could be willing to allow his mate to have sex with another man and not be jealous or have ulterior motives, but it is true.

It is a fantasy that many men actually have, married and not. I was asked why I wanted it? The prospect of being trusted enough to be on the sidelines and having her enjoy being free of guilt was the driving force and it was being able to experience the dark unknown of the relationship.

How many couples cheat on each other? Why go through the pain of that? Most men are jealous of other men just looking at their mate. I always felt pride in the fact that my mate was desirable by others.

I love women , everything about a woman can turn me on . From head to toe, literally. Somewhere deep inside I wanted to have the experience for both of us.
The very first time we felt an attraction to each other is when we met in class, she had a boyfriend and was in the process of leaving him. She met a young guy that delivered pizzas and was having an affair with him. She was with him right before the class and I could smell the sex on her. I could hardly concentrate. We eventually got together and stayed as a couple for over 5 years.

So eventually my casual discussions made odd sense to SA , I told her about how my ex-wife acted like she was a straight type of woman as in missionary style. I did find out though her daughter that she was a freak when she was single.

My ex-wife and I had a talk about cock size once and she confessed that she liked them thick sized . Little did I know they thick meant two cocks at the same time in her vagina. I thought damn we could have worked that out if she had been clear and up front about it.

I was naïve at that time of my life, my desire seemed to get triggered before I knew exactly what I wanted. As a side note my fetish for feet developed fully when I was married.

During the later stages of three pregnancies I used my exes bare soles to rub out relief. After I got together with S.A. I really got into worshipping her feet and it was great as she enjoyed it and had received that attention before.

The sex life was good though that other desire grew while we were together, I never pestered her or coerced her with constant requests to fuck another.
When SA did do it , the relieve that I had and the joy we both got was unbelievable. She was afraid that I would be mad. I felt euphoria and other mixed emotions. Never jealousy, and she was able to make plans to see him after work again.

We went to Victoria’s Secret and bought her new bras and thong sets, which I happily paid for. I did ask how the first time went and how big he was.

Like most men size is an issue. I did hope that he had more than I did and was told that his was longer but thin. He was able to enter her while she had her legs together, which I wasn’t able to do.

So the day that she went to be with him, she had to work second shift at the casino as a poker dealer. He was a regular at her table. Thus that is how they knew each other.

He was younger, thin and tall with dark hair. That night I texted her after work and learned that they were together, The emotion the I felt were like a roller coaster, I had read that this was normal for those of us that were into it.
The wonder of what was happening and how she getting taken was like being full of adrenalin . I was constantly hard and unable to sleep, my mind was full of scenarios of their bodies together.

That night I masturbated six times to completion and actually unable to finish several more times after that. It was a very long night. SA stayed until daybreak and then came home.

Afterwards when she went more often I showered her with flowers and affection for being so understanding. It does change a woman’s mindset when she lets go of her inhibitions.

SA was reluctant to share what happened and that was my fault for not having ground rules set. Once I asked if she let him cum in her mouth ,she said no but he did against her cheek and hand. I asked which hand? when she showed me I licked it. Her eyes got wide.

Another day she said that she wanted to try a threesome. I got excited until she said with her, him and his girlfriend. That kept me hard for quite a few days.
I have to explain that I was locked out of sex with her while it happened. She did love me but could not share the intimate part when she was physically his, and I understood.

This went on for a few months and right before summer we wound up parting ways. A few photos and some memories remain.”

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