Why Wive Should Nude Selfies To Their Husbands....

Here’s Why Wives Need To Send Nude Selfies

The truth is that sending nude selfies isn’t just great for the man in a conventional, heterosexual relationship. It’s great for the woman, too. Why? Because a man who regularly receives nude selfies is a happier dude. And a happier guy is a better partner overall.

It might sound sexist, but it’s not. It’s just a fact of life. And what’s the harm in sending the person you love some nude pics anyway? If you’re paranoid about being blackmailed one day, just crop your head out. Below are 5 good reasons why all wives need to send nude selfies.

1. A nude photograph says “I love you.”

Okay, okay. I know. Sending a nude selfie isn’t exactly the most romantic thing ever. And yet. The gesture DOES imply a certain amount of love and trust. A true lady doesn’t send a nude selfie to just anyone. She’s discerning about how she presents her naked body, and with whom she shares such images. So the very fact that she chooses you (even though you’re already her loving husband) as the recipient of a nude selfie makes you feel special. It ~means~ something. In some awesomely convoluted way, it’s a sign of true love.

2. Perhaps more importantly, a nude selfie also says “I want you.”

Let’s face it: when you’re in a long-term relationship, keeping that magical lustful spark alive isn’t all that easy. As time goes on, it gets harder and harder to make your partner feel wanted. But one way to let them know, without a doubt, that you’re thinking of them sexually is to send them an impromptu nude selfie midday. Immediately, they’ll picture the act of taking that special photograph—picture you sneaking into a bathroom stall or an abandoned closet to remove your clothes and find the best angle for the shot. They’ll think of all the effort it took to snap that photo JUST FOR THEM. And it’ll turn them on.

3. Sending nudes is an act of empowerment.

A girl who’s confident enough to send a nude selfie is a girl who loves her body and a girl who knows the power she wields over the male sex. She realizes that with this gesture, she will impact her relationship for the better. That she will trigger dirty thoughts in her husband. That he will be thinking of her all day long as a result. That this act gives her power.

4. It’s a great way to flirt from a distance.

Modern day life requires us to spend a significant amount of time apart from each other. We work long hours and we commute and we spend time ushering the kids to one activity after another. Sending nude selfies is a great way to keep the flame alive from a distance, because you can’t be in each other’s physical presence nearly as much as you wish. It’s a fun, sexy way to say “what’s up?” or “I miss you” at random.

5. Lastly, nude selfies are going to improve your relationship. A lot.

If you love and trust each other, there’s really no downside to exchanging nude selfies. Nude selfies are a secret you get to keep as a couple. File them away in a special place and revisit them whenever you need a reminder that you’re married to someone you’re incredibly attracted to, who finds you incredibly attractive too. It’s an easy way to spark the fire in your marriage and improve your relationship. Sex is a critical aspect of any marital union and sending nude selfies is an easy way to ramp of the sex fact for you and her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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