50 Questions I Wish I Could Ask The Girl He Cheated On Me With

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1. Do you have any self-respect?

2. Or any respect whatsoever for other women?

3. Seriously, do you feel an iota of allegiance to the female sex?

4. Or are you some kind of unemotional robot?

5. Have you ever been in a serious relationship?

6. Or are you just “not the monogamy” type?

7. Do you have any female friends?

8. Or are you one of those girls who proudly identifies as a “guy’s girl”?

9. Worse yet, a “cool girl”?

10. Do you realize that if he even wants to be with you, he’ll cheat on you too one day?

11. Or are you so delusional that you think you could be the one to change him?

12. Do you spread your legs for anyone because you’re just so fucking sexually liberated?

13. Or are you only into the already committed type?

14. Do you get off on seducing other people’s boyfriends?

15. Are you stupid enough to buy whatever ridiculous shit he said to you that night?

16. Do you have it in you to realize that he fucked you for the fun of it—that you were nothing more than a change in pace?

17. Are you big enough to admit that you’re just another hole to him?

18. Or do you actually think he gives a shit about you?

19. Did you pause for even a second to imagine the pain you might be causing as you lay naked next to him?

20. Or are you completely numb to the world outside your own little personal bubble?

21. Did you hesitate at all, or was it easy for you to give in?

22. Would you do it again?

23. How many times have you pulled this shit before on some other unsuspecting couple?

24. How many married guys have you slept with without any regrets?

25. How did you get to be this way?

26. Did something bad happen to you as a kid?

27. Is there a void inside you that needs to be filled?

28. Did someone fuck you over?

29. Is this about revenge?

30. Or were you just born a fucking idiot narcissist?

31. Was it worth it?

32. Did it feel even better, knowing he was someone else’s?

33. Did you put on a show?

34. Grab your own tits?

35. Scream dirty things?

36. Spank him?

37. Nibble on his neck and bite his flesh like the phony, vampiric temptresses in all those horrible pornos you’ve probably studied for sex tips?

38. Swallow his cum and act like it was delicious?

39. Engulf his dick and suck on it with the kind of enthusiasm for oral sex only a prostitute on the verge of pocketing $500 bucks for the blowie could really have?

40. Did you tell him he was the best you’d ever been with?

41. Did you spoon him afterwards like he was yours?

42. Did you linger in bed, whispering sweet nothings or revealing humdrum details about your day as if you were his actual girlfriend?

43. Do you have any idea what intimacy means?

44. Do you have any respect for the work it takes to maintain a serious relationship?

45. Does the word “family” resonate in that tiny little bird brain of yours?

46. How about slut? Tramp? Home-wrecker? Cunt?  Or whore?

47. Did you kiss him good-bye?

48. If you could, would you do it all over again?

49. How the hell do you sleep at night?

50. Has anyone ever told you that karma’s a bitch, bitch? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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